About us

Kennedy Street Development Corporation (KSDC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to implementing a vision of making Kennedy Street NW the walkable, vibrant center of a great DC neighborhood. We are run by an all-volunteer board comprised entirely of residents of this community.

KSDC was born in 2016 as the successor to the volunteer action group, the Kennedy Street Development Association (KSDA). Some of the differences you may not have even noticed – we promote #KennedyStreetNW much more than we do our organization or ourselves.

So why did we decide to incorporate? Well, the founders (Danielle and Myles) believed that an all-volunteer group with no budget could only take the street so far in advancing our goals. We were limited by the fact that we could not solicit charitable donations, offer tax exemption to those who donated, implement our own projects the way we thought they should be done, or indemnify ourselves for all these fun events we were having.

Also, we wanted to be clear that we do not represent the interests of any residents. Generally, we say ‘Yes, In My Back Yard’ (YIMBY) to projects that would make Kennedy Street a more vibrant place. We are willing to risk a little noise, or traffic, or new neighbors or fewer parking spots, if it means that our standout businesses do better, and that we can support new ones too.

Sound like something that interests you? Contact us to get involved!